Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joining the Over 40 Club!

Another one of my friends hit the BIG 40 recently.  Funny how NOW that I am in my 40's that 40 doesn't SEEM so old anymore.  And for that matter neither does 50. 

Her husband set up the cutest things for her.  A week long birthday present to be exact.  He called different sets of her friends / co-workers and everyday of the week he had coordinated a different activity for her.

One day she went to a Cardinal game with co-workers, dinner and winery with neighborhood friends, another night she had spent with other friends, and two different days of parties with different family each time.

I thought it was a very cool idea.  That way she was able to celebrate with everybody.

We of course had our little celebration at the Wine Cellar in Cottleville.  It is our little hang out about once a month.  They have a little band and some amazing wine slushies.  Oh and we put away some Brie when we go. 

The REALLY nice part...........No kids no husbands.  Just us girls!

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