Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warrior Dash - What Was I Thinking

Just for inquiring minds......................... It WAS FANTASTIC!

Kind of unnerving having to jump over fire.

Out of 6855 people I finished 5035.  Not bad as far as I am concerned!  Especially since I do not run ever, and have not been to the gym for a workout in over 3 months!

After I slid out of the mud pit, I went to where the local fire department was hosing people off (OMG that was cold).  Mike made me go back 2 more times telling me I was NOT getting in the car with mud all over me.

Note to anyone that wants to go to these types of events......  BRING TOWELS!  

In the end I went to the car and just stripped out of my clothes (still dropping mud everywhere), cleaned off what I could (with one of his athletic jackets I found in the car), put my sweat jacket on and some clean underwear. Then got in the car, jacked up the heat and told him to NOT get pulled over.

I enjoyed a VERY long hot shower when I got home.

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