Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Pats Experience I will not soon forget

A neighbor/friend texted me in the wee hours Saturday morning (like 6:30am who is up at that time on a weekend!?) wanting to know if I had plans for the day.  My response was no since Mike was working, I had an appointment at the groomers for the dogs, and a trip to the scuba shop planned.  She asked (told) me to meet her at the Sherlock’s in Cottleville for the St Pats Parade. 

I figured what the heck, texted and woke up Jodi.  So after the groomer we headed 5 miles down the way to Cottleville to meet up with Mitzi.  As it turned out parking was RIDICULOUS!  We parked approximately 2 miles away and walked to the restaurant to meet our group.  Did you hear me?  2 MILES!  Good thing I wore tennis shoes.

Got to see some cool floats, paid too much for hot dogs ($3 each) and ridiculous amounts for alcohol (2 drinks one of them a beer $9).  Then about an hour after getting there we hear the first claps of thunder.  Uh Oh.  Within minutes it started raining………..HARD. 

Luckily Mitzi and her crew had brought a tent like cover thing and we all huddled under it.  Within 20 minutes Jodi remembered that she told me to NOT shut her sun roof all the way.  BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA  next time she will listen to me.  So we take off heading back the 2 miles to her car, in the rain, thunder and lightning.  The T-shirt Jodi had on ended up see through when it gets wet.  Guys would keep running by us, turn around and jog backwards to say something (of course to get a better view).  I couldn’t help but laugh the whole way.  We had the best and worst time ever. 

As soon as we got back to the car we headed for my house, changed to shorts and more T shirts.  Threw her clothes in the dryer and got in the hot tub.  Why not we were already wet and cold and we wanted to warm up.  So best way 102 degree bathtub!  Oh and the glasses of wine didn’t hurt our moods wither.

I just wish I had picture of what we two drowned rats looked like by the time we actually got to the car.   

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