Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Very Sweet "Sweet 16" Birthday

In February Mikayla turned sweet 16.  Well she turned 16 not so sure about the sweet.  Winy definitely, stubborn most assuredly, head strong most definitely . Sweet only when she wants something.  

I kid, she is my good girl.  I wouldn't change her one bit.

She has begged to see the ocean since she was at least 8.  So for her 16th birthday I offered in lieu of a big monster birthday party a trip to Florida for the weekend.  

Her response "Oh My God Most Definitely Yes!"

We flew into Orlando on Saturday afternoon, 

Celebrated Mikayla's birthday with my parents

I still say she looks 12.

Went to Animal Kingdom on Sunday (thanks to my Aunt Winnie who scored us free tickets),

Tree of Life

Henna Tattoo (how do I get talked into these things?)

Then on Monday we headed to Clearwater beach!

 Obviously we fed the birds, and learned that they don't go away when you do that.

Yep I am that close.  I couldn't believe it.  Mikayla kept telling me to back up, move closer.  It was freaking me out.  Thought he was going to peck my head or something!

Mikayla didn't give hers a chance to peck her.  

It  was just beautiful late in the day when most people had left.  That was when we enjoyed it the most.

She was in Love instantly, the second she laid eyes on the ocean.  She didn't care that it was windy and cold. Well cold by Florida standards, and if you got wet.

The first beach we went to was Treasure Island Sunset Beach, 

Though it was not a bad subdivision (park) beach so to say, it was just not what we think of when you say "Hey lets go to the beach and see the ocean".  

 But we were enjoying ourselves until we saw to 70 something year old large man in a speedo.  And might I add when Mikayla pointed him out I was closer and get to see that said speedo was actually very "sheer" and therefore SEE THROUGH! 
Yep at that point we left that beech and found Clearwater.

It was just me and Mikayla, we enjoyed our time together, talked, not talked, hung out, explored and played.
Not a trip I will not soon forget at least.  I just hope she has as fond of memories as I did.

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