Monday, April 09, 2012

Belly Dancing is NOT as easy as it looks!

This past weekend Mikayla and I drove up to Chicago to visit with Felicia.  One of the things we did this time was participate in Felicia's Belly dance class.  Well actually the teacher gave us a private lesson.

Holy CRAP!  I never imagined that it would be THAT hard!  But we all got through it and had fun while we learned a few things.

 The scarfs around our waists jingle.  Rather the scarfs that Mikayla, Sammy, and I wore.  Felicia said that she is tired of jingling.  

 Apparently the "jingles" help tell the instructor if you are moving correctly.  Felicia has been ordering her costumes directly from Afghanistan.  They are actually hand made there and are cheaper than buying one made in the US.  for example an outfit Felicia just got cost her $56 which included shipping, she checked it out to buy from here for the same outfit ........... $250 before shipping!  Plus the ones from Afghanistan look more authentic.

Did you notice there are no pictures of me?  Yep I managed to hide behind the camera this time.  

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