Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boot Camp Day Two

Last night was an experience........that is all I have to say.

First off we casually walked around for 10 minutes "warming up" our legs and such. Then the rest of the assessments commenced.

We did as many sit ups (NOT crunches) as we could in 2 minutes. I did 42

Next we did as many push ups as we could in 2 minutes. Here I only did 22.
I have tendinitis in both elbows and shoulders (this I will talk about in a bit) so it got very painful after about 17.

Then they gave us (well everyone but me) a sheet showing how many calories, fat, carbs, & proteins we are to be consuming a day. They also had on the sheet our body fat percentage. Again I did not get a sheet because my weird little body stumped them. I was promised that I would have one emailed to me today (so far have not gotten it). The reason they are stumped with me is that many years ago I started getting the shakes and dizzy spells (passing out most of the time). I went to the doctor was run through a bunch of tests and the answer I received was that I have an extremely high metabolism. Perfectly healthy otherwise. Also found out that my blood pressure is freakishly low. (last check 86/62) Now before you go off cursing me like most people do, take a breath and imagine:

You HAVE to eat something every two hours, you HAVE to have like 6 meals a day, and you HAVE to eat as close to 3,000 calories a day as possible. AND if you work out or are active increase that number. I have to carry food with me everywhere.

Now while most of you may think .... awww poor her, she HAS to eat. I have passed out at county fairs, on the job, and friends houses and pretty much scaring the crap out of everyone. My sister once said she watched come out of a room fall against the wall and kind of shimmied down to the floor. She said she didn't know what to do so she shook me (we were teens at the time). I usually am not out for long and am usually pale, sweaty and vomiting afterwords. Not a pretty site by any means.

OOPS Sorry got carried away there, back to the boot camp.

So now I am sitting there listening to the discussions regarding tracking food portions, calorie counting, protein counting and such and I must have had a dazed lost look on my face because the instructor giggled and asked if I understood. I could only answer ........ NO. I have never had to do such a thing and I would have no idea how or where to start. They gave me this cool web site

I just put in what and how much I eat and it does the rest for me. This "journaling" is something we have to do everyday without exceptions. And we need to either email it to them daily or bring it to class so they can see where we are at and how we are doing. After the little dietary pep talk we went and ran 1/2 mile.

Plus side!!!!! One of the trainers is a massage therapist for athletes. She said that she will work with me on getting my elbows and shoulders back. She said (and I have heard this before) that I have A LOT of scar tissue especially in the shoulders. Damn tendinitis. And she will be giving me exercises to help strengthen the muscles there.

So far here are my stats that I know:

Height 5' 4"

Weight 129 pounds

Bust 37.5 inches (I have Never been this big without being pregnant! YEA BOOBS)

waist 28 inches

Hips 37 inches

Upper Arm 9 inches (why they measured this and what it means I have no idea)

Body fat percentage 16 %

Mile run 10 minutes flat

Site Ups 42

Push Ups 22

They measured more but that was all I could remember. At the end of six weeks I was GUARANTEED shrinkage in my measurements and increases in mile, sit ups, and push ups.

Now we get a day off. Thursday in the actual first day of abuse (that quoted directly from my instructor). So can I get a big Hu-Ahh (Hu-Rah is marines and we are Army so I have been told)



utmomof 5 said...

You go girl :)

I too have super low blood pressure. I don't how ever have the fast metabolism problem anymore.

Cindi said...


Way to go! I'm so proud of you for doing this!