Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday in a nut shell

Wednesday was a “day of rest” or at least according to my instructors it was supposed to be. I on the other hand seem to like torturing myself. Wednesday nights are my sand volley ball nights. And last night was a double header, instead of playing just three games we played six and for some reason over half our team didn’t show. The 6:30 game we had 5 players but we fared well. Won 2 lost 1. Our 8:30 game we had two more show up and we had a volunteer (we really needed another guy) join us. The 8:30 set was an amazing game. We only won one game but it was oh so close in points on all three. We seemed well matched with the other team as we had volleys that seem to last forever. It was great and very enjoyable.

Except for this morning I am very much feeling my age. Chest, arms, thighs all ache. And tonight is Boot Camp again. I have no idea what they have in store for me to do but I can pretty much guarantee that I will NOT be doing pushups!

Devin and Mikayla’s first day of school was yesterday. They both came home in good moods and never complained once about being back. Devin actually told Felicia he was glad to be back at West and is going to “try hard to pass all his classes on time so he will graduate when he was supposed to”. I WAS SHOCKED! We will see how long THAT outlook lasts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting him to fail. But you gotta know Devin and his mental status changes are changing frequently. I am just taking one day at a time with him. It is a good day when we don’t have police at our door, or screaming going on.

Felicia is on her way to Chicago as I type this. She has a job interview as soon as she gets into town. Then she will be heading to her new boy friend’s house for the rest of the weekend. She has two other interviews back here next week. But I think she is really hoping to get the one in Chicago. We shall see.

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Cindi said...

Good luck to Felicia!

I'm so glad that the first day of school went well...that's a great way to start the year off!