Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday workout

Bootcamp Day 3 - Sorry I forgot to update Friday.

Run a mile

Stretch......lots of stretching

Then every freaking kind of lung you can think of 2 minutes each. mountain climber lunge, standing lunges, etc. we did enough lunges to last 15 minutes!

Jump rope for 2 minutes

Then relay sprints for 10 minutes.

Now time for sit ups, not crunches, full on sit ups for another 2 minutes. Now another 5 minutes of stretching and scoot on home.

Now for Monday

Warm up 5 minutes of stretching.

Go run a mile.


All the following excersizes are done for a minute each. After each group (2 minutes) sprint for a minute.

1. Barbell deadlift
2. 20 foot hop scotch
3. trampoline jumps
4. mini hurdles
5. Jump rope
6. Reverse push ups (using a chair)
7. bar bell lifts
8. leg shuffles (yea that one is hard to explain)
then stretch and scoot home.
Tomorrow will fill ya in on Tuesday's Boot camp!

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