Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Home Is Back To Four

Our house of five is going back to a house of four.

Felicia has found a "big girl" job. This poor kid had no idea that LOOKING for a full-time job was in fact a full-time job in itself. The St. Louis area of late has not been the best place for someone looking for a position of employment. Felicia has found that out the hard way. It seems that ole bachelors degree doesn't open the doors it use too. NOW for the same jobs I looked at 3 years ago (the ones that wouldn't look at you unless you had that bachelors degree no matter how many years experience you had) are now wanting experienced applicants. Ones with 5 plus years of it AND a bachelors degree. She has been complaining that she is having exact opposite problem I was having when I went looking for a job. I had all the experience no degree, she has the degree no experience. (Viscous circle it is)

So with fire under her feet she expanded her job market search. She has friends in Boston, New York, and Kansas City. They were all selling her on why she should move to their city to look for a job. Of course all these cities have a better job market then St Louis just now. In the end she opted for Chicago. She has friends there, and "home" is only a short distance. So she can be here or us there is relatively a short amount to time.

Honestly though I think the deciding factor was this guy:

Let me introduce you to Jon.

They met in college, of course not until the December before she graduated. They were "party" friends. Or at least that is how it sounded to me. And he lives near Chicago. They started "dating" after graduation and have been doing the distance thing since. Both of them seem to have a good head on their shoulders about this relationship.

With what little MD and I know of Jon we like him. He pushes and challenges Felicia in ways the fiance never did. When she asks what we think of Jon my response is always:

"We don't know him well enough to like or dislike him, but what we DO LIKE is the way you are now with him"

That answer is the most honest answer I can give. My feelings behind it all: 1. He graduated college, 2. He has a good work ethic, 3. We never hear him talk down to her, 4. They don't fight over everything, 6. He does not seem to be the jealous type, and 7. Treats her with respect.

This we like.

After only a few short days she landed a job and now has been looking for a place to live. I have mixed feelings about this great adventure she is about to embark. I am excited for her as she is taking life by the horns and being brave enough to go the distance to achieve what she wants. Sad that I am 5 hours away and will not be right there to catch her when she stumbles and my support has to be from a distance.

But in the end MD and I are very proud of our little adventurer and we are confident that she will claim all the spoils that she goes after.


Cindi said...

Best of luck to Felicia as she starts her "grown up" adventure!

Dibs said...

You are such a awesome mom!