Friday, October 22, 2010

A Trip to Chi Town

Now for a happy story. Earlier this month Mikyla, Nipa, and I took a road trip to Chi town to visit Felicia and check out her new spot she calls home.

She lives in a lovely tree lined community. All the streets look like this. I wish that our neighborhoods here would do this, it is gorgeous!

She lives in a northern suburb of Chicago, and with traffic and parking in the city the way it is we opted to take the train into the city. Besides Mikayla has never been on a train. So mark one off the new experience to do list.

It didn't make the trip any shorter, but at least I didn't have to pay attention to where I was going or who was in my way. Besides Chicago seems to have road construction EVERYWHERE.

We went to Navy Pier (not first but close). We saw pirates fighting and scurrying about.

Then they saw the girls...........and grabbed them.............

.....and you know I always have my camera on the ready.
But I think the girls liked the attention too. They were not shy at all about getting dragged to the side of the pier to pose with some older boys.
Mikayla even attracted some shrimp LOL.

We traveled around the city on the hop on and off Bus. Which at first I was a bit sticker shocked at the ticket prices ($30 a person) but then we were jumping on and off all day at different places around the city. So we figured what we would have to pay for taxi fare to do what we did.........I saved a bundle!

(me taking a picture of Nipa taking a picture of me)

Mikayla fussed at me for taking this picture. But the way I look at it is if you going to "dress" to stand out like this you deserve to have your picture taken and then plastered all over the Internet (or at least my blog and FaceBook pages). Besides they really didn't seem to mind that I was standing there just clicking away.

I was totally NOT listening to our tour guide on the bus and missed what they called this blob of Mercury looking stuff. But it was pretty cool. Felicia had Mikayla and I lay on the ground underneath it to get this odd looking picture. She explains that everyone wants this picture (though I saw no one else laying on the ground)

It was an amazingly beautiful weekend. Thought for sure it was going to be cold (news channels stated also that it would be) but we could have not asked for a more beautiful day. Defiantly wore ourselves out. I am looking forward to another visit. But this time instead of an "all over city tour" we will pinpoint a street or location and concentrate on those. With enough visits I'll get to see absolutely everything in the city.


Dread Pirate Davi said...

I have been to Chicago so many times, but only once for leisure, so that was the only time we did anything fun. I got a tattoo, and we hit the Navy Pier. I wish I'd had the time on all those other trips to do some sight-seeing.

Laggin said...

I LOVE Chicago!