Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Children Allowed

Last weekend we attended a Halloween Party. It was a nice escape from my own issues so I was looking forward to it. BUT it was costume require. I have of late NOT been in a creative mood. So I relied on my sister this year for my costume.

She wore this last year. And of course everyone loved it and teased MD about what a great way to keep me quiet. Yea thanks guys love you all also! (Yes I do know they were teasing).

No I really don't know anybody, though there were two other neighbors there that I did know. But as always MD had a great time (this was one of his construction clients)

These are our hosts. Last year they were Bill and Sooky from True Blood. I think it is cute how they always do couple costumes.

Then this past Friday (yes the night that seemed hell broke loose here) we attended another Halloween party. Some ex neighbors (miss them a lot) had us to their new house for a party.

Laure has the bubbliest personality and you can not help but love her.
And Jim makes the best beer and port around.

Karen (another neighbor) was there and we all played catchup. And yes we are silly together, but because we can it makes good fun.

This couple smuggled in Kentucky moonshine. Never had moonshine was surprisingly good. But Goddess you DO NOT want to drink much of it or you will be on your butt quick.

I could not put myself through another night of full face paint. So I found the "static cling" idea and went with it. Walked around all night with underwear, socks, and dryer sheets pinned to me. Not overly fancy, but hey my face did not feel like it was peeling off.

Of course after Devin & Mikayla pulled their stunts. And after I gave myself some Blogging therapy (yes I have found that if I spill my guts here and divulge all our personal laundry for the world to see I feel microscopically better), and Devin was not home yet, MD went to work on someones deck. I decided yesterday that I needed to get out and escape being a mom, wife, maid, chauffeur, cook,.....etc.

Some girlfriends and I took off for wine country. It was may I say AMAZING.

We (me) polished off two bottles of wine and had a beautiful family/responsibility free afternoon. We seem to have all needed it at least that was the consensus.
Isn't Augusta just amazing in October???

Then again I am a nature freak and am more level amongst the trees.

For those inquiring minds..........MD got home around 5pm, Devin was home. They had some sort of discussion but just now my brain is nonfictional and I cannot remember it. MD asked Devin wehn he got home, Devin replied an hour ago. MD asked Devin why he bothered and that Devin could go back to where ever he was last night. Devin's response "I can't I am not 17 yet so I will get in trouble".

Dude really! You were not 17 Friday night either, so would that not equal to you getting into trouble anyway???

Oh, and for those that are interested and live in the state of Missouri (not sure if it is the same in other states). If your child is 17 years of age, he/she can come and go at will and want. No matter what your rules are or if there is a home enforced curfew. If said child decides they do not want to come home they do not have too (nope not a damn thing you can do). But you cannot keep them from re-entering the house either.

It seems that (and i have verified this with law officials) the age of 17 is a "gray" area. 17 year old are NOT considered run aways if they do not come home, but you are also not allowed to throw them out either until they are 18. SOOOOOO what that means is that your child can tell you to go to hell and leave as long as they like and come home when they like. BUT YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS WHILE THEY ARE GONE.

I am just saying...................

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Laggin said...

If that is the law in Missouri then it is, well, what the word verification says...FACKETE!

(Too funny to not include in my comment.)

But seriously, that is some sorta' eff'd up.

We live the same...yet entirely different lives.