Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Check another Thing Off the Bucket List!

I finally got my tattoo!   I have wanted to get a tattoo for years but never knew what exactly I wanted.  And with this being a VERY permanent thing I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted .  I knew I wanted M&Ms for the last few years just didn't know how I wanted them.

This is the drawing my tattoo artist came up with.  She combined several pictures I brought her.

(looks like I have goose bumps, quite the opposite I was sweating)

This is after she got done with the outline and shading.  At this point it was almost two hours on that table.  She could have stopped here and I think it would have looked good!  But no I wanted color.  So on to another hour on the table.

And here it is with color.  The big question (next to "what was I thinking") is why M&Ms?  Well Lets see MD and I have M's in our first name.  Green because that is my favorite color AND is the only girl in the bunch.  Yellow?  Well if you knew MD you would totally understand.  But mostly because he is my NUT.

Up close.  Love the detail!

So to answer other questions I have been asked:

Yes it hurt!  But I should clarify, the outline was not so bad.  It was more of an irritation.  That was the first hour!  The shading, that was uncomfortable.  And the longer she worked the more it hurt.

I was on the table for just under 3 hours, but was at the shop for 4 hours.  Made for a very long night.

I got the work done in Chesterfield at the St Louis Tattoo Company.  Chelsea is the name of the gal that did the work.  How I found her?  I work with her sister and I checked out her work before I actually chose her.  Plus her sister (the one I work with) has several tattoos that Chelsea did. 

Now just waiting for it too heal to see how it will really look.  I am told that the color will be much brighter when it is done healing.

P.S.  Stayed tuned for Mikayla's adventure with me that night.  She got her nose pierced.  I think I may be losing my mind, agreeing to such things.
So mark another item off my bucket list!

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