Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In Need of Time Travel

We are ice/snowed in.  And how I wish I could get out.  We have not been all in the house for more than 24 hours and the bickering has already begun.   I have to thank the boy for that.  I wish I could figure out why he is angry all the time.  Even when he gets his way or what he wants he is just down right mean.  Yesterday all that would leave his mouth was foul language toward MD and I and his sister.  When asked to turn off the video last night he threw a fit.  Yes a real live 2 year old temper tantrum.  He was informed that he would not be allowed on it today if he kept it up.  Well that just made him worse.
This morning before he got up I took the power cords.  So when he got up (already crabby) we informed him there would be no video games.  That started the arguing, swearing, and trashing of his room.  He has kept up the meanness for over an hour now. 

I wish I could travel forward in time to see how this young man turns out.  To see if everything we have tried to do and have put up with was worth all this grief.  Because at this very moment I don't see how it could.  Part of me wants to just beg his probation officer to find somewhere else for him.  He is wearing on our last threads of sanity, to the point that he gets everyone in the house on edge with everyone else.

And we are looking at being stuck together for days under the same roof with no escape.  I am not looking forward to this at all.

He is now talking on the phone, we hear him discussing WALKING somewhere.  Really there is a blizzard out there.  To stop him or not to stop him.  When will he learn and grow up?  I know he is going to call and want me to drive in this mess (as if I could) to pick him up from where ever is. 

Oh Calgon take me away.

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