Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And so it begins

School has started and I can tell you I had some serious mixed emotions about that:

 - I get some time to do what I need in the morning without the fear of waking anyone up.
 - my utilities will go back down (no TV, radios, and lights on all day)
 - my days off are quite after everyone leaves

 - The boy's mood swings are usually (almost always) bad in the morning
 - lots of grumpy, foul, loud language to start my day.
 - more mom taxi duties

I actually think I was dreading school starting more than I was looking forward to it.  Devin makes like around here hard enough but then throw in the fact we are making him get up every morning at an hour he would rather stay asleep, he makes everyone pay.  Not a great way to get your day started, and usually sets my mood for the day.  My only up side is that I have an hour to cool down and relax after he leaves and before I have to go to work.

Mikayla (lucky for me) is pretty quiet in the morning which is probably a very good thing.  Helps me keep myself level because I am already on edge after having to deal with the boy.. Who who has refused to take ANY of his medication and I am tired of fighting with him about it.  Sorry teachers and school.

Devin keeps telling me he is going to quit school.  We tell him there will be slip pickings for what kind a job a high school drop out can get and WE will NOT be supporting him forever.  He states he doesn't care, school is stupid, teachers are stupid,  etc.  He knows we cannot stop him when he turns 18 so he likes to remind us that he will NOT be going to school next year.  We do remind him that had he not failed all the classes he has he would have been graduating this year.  Just do the work, show up, pass then you can be done with school.  He thinks he doesn't need to graduate.

By the end of this conversation (usually yelling involved as well as swearing on Devin's part) I am worn out.  When we tell him that in order to live in our house he must go school and pass his classes.  He likes to remind us we are legally obligated to PAY for everything he needs including clothes food and a place to live.  We cannot kick him out.  I remind him at that point he is correct but I do not have to buy $100 jeans, his favorite foods.  All I legally have to provide is food of my chosing, clothes can be from good will and do not have to be the top of fashion (if that what he calls what he wears).  Oh and when he turns 18 and he does not follow OUR rules, we can LEGALLY toss him out on his butt. 

Will I actually follow through on that threat?   Yea probably I will be forced too.  He should know this by now since I have followed through on everyone I have said so far.  He knows that it was me that asked his probation officer to put him in juvi for 2 weeks, never hid anything from her.  He has learned that when I say do this again  and this will happen.  Unfortunately he makes me follow through with every threat.  I don't know what compells the boy to continue on his path of self distruction.

Time to meditate and put myself in that happy place.  :)


Leslie said...


If it helps...when I laid down the law and got serious about the repercussions once she turned 18...lot's of her crap stopped. She's still moody, but she doesn't threaten me at every turn because she knows what that means and she wants none of it. It's interesting how the music changes once they are 18.

Felicia D said...

I was bratty and when you told me for the millionth time to leave if I didn't like it, I did and didnt plan on coming back, BUT...

You still had the fear of God in me. And Mikayla, all you have to do is raise your vocie and glare at her and she cries. Devin is gonna have a rude awakening next May :(