Monday, August 01, 2011

A Feel Good Weekend

This past weekend a few coworkers and friends went to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat is building a small subdivision of houses near where I live and needs all the volunteers that they can get.  John (coworker) organized the trip this past weekend. 

We were lucky it was an overcast day, but the humidity was thick.  We were huge sweat balls within an hour of starting.  Needless to say we went through LOTS of water.  Well most of us Erin went through lots of soda.

This is John.  He was in charge of cutting the boards that we were putting on the roof.  Yes I said putting on the roof.  I and several others volunteered to shimmy up on open trusses and put on the roof.  Crazy I know!

This is Jennifer (John's wife - Standing) and Erin (coworker - sitting).  Jen was freaking amazing!  She was lifting boards and winging them around as if she was on the ground.  Girl is crazy.  But one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.

Oh, and Jen and Erin are also on the volley ball team I joined. 

This is Pam (we play volleyball together).  She's a sneaky bugger turning her head before I could get her picture. 

This is Matt (coworker).  Thanks to this pose his new nick name at work is GQ Matt.  He is our youngest in the office (born the year I graduated high school)

You have to excuse my hand in this picture.  I was getting shaky since it was getting close to lunch.    Erin and Matt were obviously nervous being up on the roof.  I can't say that I wasn't nervous, but once I was up on the roof I was fine.  It was just crawling up and down the ladder that made me nervous.

Yep this is me.  We were waiting for the next board to be hoisted up.

Just in time for lunch storm clouds rolled in.  So while we ate we finally got the rain we so needed.  But because of the rain we were unable to go back and do any more work.  We are planning to get together again for another Saturday trip to work on some more houses.


Leslie said...

What a nice thing to do!

Dread Pirate Davi said...

We have a girl in our wing who organizes for HfH each year. I've yet to sign up, mainly b/c I fear (with good reason, in my opinion) that either someone (most likely me) will lose a finger, an eye, or worse...maybe they could just give me a hard hat and let me stand around directing?? :D