Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well she IS Determined

It seems Mikayla is enjoying her drawing.  And she is now moved on from paper as her medium of choice,

This is what she drew on her friend Deionna's shoulder.  Not sure what spurred this on, guess they got bored after a day of shopping at the mall.

This is Mikayla and Deionna sometime today.  I think these two have changed outfits at least 3 times today.

This is another picture of the TODAY (notice the different outfits) in the mall bathrooms. 

They both want to get tattoos.  Both are only 15.  And it seems that both Deionna's mom and I think alike.  No was the answer from both of us.  At least not until they have moved out of our houses (or 21 I guess the case may be in our house since Felicia set that precedent).

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Alicia Clark said...

I think Mikayla is so talented and hopes she continues to develop this through high school. We all have a talent(s), and we all tend to let trivial life events allow us to forget that.

You go girl!