Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sporatic is my Middle Name

Blogging (and even reading posts) have been sporatic of late.  I know bad me.  I got a new toy.  A droid tablet.  I AM IN LOVE.  I have been downloading books like crazy and reading non-stop.  Now I always thought that I could never give up my physical books.  I love the textures and smells of a book.  But the instant gratification of having multiple books at your disposal, and being able to get just about any book you want instantly (sometimes free of charge) is euphoric at times.

So that is where I have been, nose down in a book (screen).  Blistfully enjoying a fantisy world and being able to disappear from the real one.

With that said.................

I had a meeting at the high school today for Devin.  His annual IEP meeting.  For years I fought to get Devin more support in areas I thought he needed it.   Some years the school has been helpful, others not so much.  This year I just sat there, it is up to Devin now.  He is made to attend these with me and has more decision and input requirements than before.  Today was not all that bad as we found out that he could still graduate this year.  Providing he petition the school board into letting him do what they call Credit Recovery.   Basically it is night school in addition to regular school classes.  Unfortunately is it ALL self study and that is not a strong suit for Devin and he was not really interested in that option.  His other option is to take 3 credits next year first semester then graduate.  Mike and I had been trying to get him to understand last semester that if he could pass he classes he would have been able to graduate this year.  But no, again Devin has to learn things the very hard way. 

To date he is carrying all A's and 1 F.  He has been switched out of the class that he was failing (he said it was because he was lost) and into another.  I am not hoping that he will keep his As, all I am hoping for is for him to pass all his classes.

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