Monday, November 01, 2010

The Boy Is Going To Learn the Hard Way

After Friday Nights adventures, Mikayla and Devin were both told that they were grounded. For a week. I will give Mikayla kudos as she pouted but threw no fits. And she refused to had out candy saying "I am not handing candy to the little monsters". Okay she WAS going to be one of those little monsters but whatever.

At dinner (which I ate cold with having to answer the door ever other minute) MD asked Mikayla why she was not out with her friends for Halloween. REALLY!!!??? She replied, um dad I am grounded, remember. He just looked at me and said really it's Halloween.

I am now totally dumbfounded. He is the one who said they were grounded! Anyway, he told her that she could go if she still wanted. I then mentioned that he has to let Devin go also. He said oh no. Again though his offences were worse I said you can't undo for one and not the other. At that point Mikayla informed us that Devin was gone and no longer at home. Again REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I verified her statement by checking the entire house for him. And yes he was gone! Little Shit! I went straight to the computer, pulled up facebook, found his girlfriend, and sent her a note: Girlfriend, please let Devin know I am calling Shae (probation officer)tomorrow, thanks, Devin's mom. (remember I took his cell phone away for poor grades)

Oh, yea that got a VERY quick response. He called (now I have girlfriends cell number ha ha) and tried explaining that they were just trick r treating. I repeated the fact I said they were grounded. He PROMISED not to be home past his curfew. At this point I was mad, and when I am really mad I usually just say whatever is in my head. So I just called him a liar, and that he has to now deal with his own consequences. He started pleading at that point and I hung up. He called back and pleaded some more and I hung up. He couldn't have been that worried, or maybe he just figured that since he was in trouble anyway he might as well make the most of it. Because he didn't come hoe for another 2.5 hours at his curfew.

Yes I am going to speak with Probation Officer about what I can do with him. Of course I want to try to handle this on our own before she has to get further involved, because that is a road I really don't want to have to go down again. But he is going to have to learn he can not walk all over me anymore. Now I mean business, well I always have but he didn't believe it so now he will.

I informed him last night that he would be grounded a month. If he wants to see girlfriend (which is why he keeps leaving) then she needs to come here. He will get a job, he will not receive any more tardies at school, he will not receive any F's on assignments, he will do chores, he will stop cursing, he will jump threw any hoop I give him and not argue about it. He was soo scared that I was "turning him in" he agreed to everything. Tonight I will have him sign an agreement and let him know that Shae will also be signing it as a witness. Though I am sure she is going to have some amendments, which he is going to have to deal with.

I hate that we have become a Jail house, but I have been given no other options.

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Laggin said...

Go go, girl. I think you are on course. And don't let MD sidetrack you...I don't think he means to, but schees...I want you to have support!