Saturday, January 08, 2011

Getting Old Bites

I love volley ball. Rather I should say I love playing Volley Ball.  Played Sand Volley Ball all last summer so when I was asked to play on an indoor league I of course did it. 

We had a practice night back in December, so we could get to know each other (I only knew one other person on the team) and learn how each other plays.  It was great.  I met some great ladies and had a good time. 

Last night was our first game.  And we were rocking that ball.  First game we won something like 25 to 12.  Then we started the second game.  We were rocking this one also.  Then 1/2 way through (guessing time) Jennifer and I were going after a ball.  I have no idea what I did, but I definitely heard it and definitely FELT it.  And straight to the floor I went.  To explain the sound, grab a piece of paper, hold it in your hands, now wad it up.  That is what I heard but really loud.  The pain, can't explain that one. Just that my stomach did flip flops for a while.  The next thing I see is Jennifer diving after the ball I missed (due to being on the floor) and hitting the floor herself.

I got the pain under control and finished playing the game.  I must say that I didn't do as well on one foot.  Har har har.  In the end we won that second game also.  We played the third for fun, so I didn't feel bad when I missed the ball.

MD made me go to Urgent Care this morning because when I moved my foot in certain directions it felt like someone stabbing me.  Did not get a very good night sleep.  I got xrays.  Luckily (and like I told him) nothing broken.  I tore and crushed a few ligaments and tendons but broke nothing.  Needless to say the doctor said no more volley ball for at least two to three weeks.  That blows.  And as for the gym, well no lower body workout only upper for at least 4 weeks.

MD is enjoying this.  He has been telling me for over a year I was going to get hurt.  Butt head.  But I am so not letting this little thing get in my way.  Besides doc said as soon as it started feeling better I can play again.

Getting old totally bites.  Youth is totally wasted on the young.


Dibs said...

Oh wow... that seriously sucks. Hope you are feeling better and back playing again soon. And you are totally NOT old!

Felicia D said...

It is not wasted, believe, I fully utilize my youth at every opportunity. :)

Luv Ya