Saturday, January 22, 2011

You could say we had some snow

You could say that we received some snow Wednesday night.  It started falling around 7:30 pm.   This picture was taken around 11pm.  The Weathermen were saying we were getting an inch an hour.

At this time it was not yet too much a problem for the puppies to do their thing.  But they sure didn't like it.


This was taken about 2 am. Why was I up at this hour?  MD was still out shoveling the driveway!  I woke up and noticed he had still not come to bed.  I made him come in, 2 hours was long enough.

Any way this is how we measure how much accumulation we get.

This is at 7 am Thursday morning and it was still snowing.

MD had to go out and shovel the driveway again in the morning.  He said that at least it was easier than if he had not done some the night before.

No I did not go to work.  I had planned on a vacation day Friday but switched it to Thursday after hearing the weather report.  Good thing too, I heard it was nasty out there.

The kids sure enjoyed the snow day.  That is Devin in white jacket.  Mikayla and her friend came home caked in snow and freezing.  I have been doing laundry everyday and all the time since we received all this white stuff.

Now they (the weather people) are saying we are going to have another storm roll through Sunday night through Monday.  This one may bring with it another 4 plus inches of snow.  Then someone else said that we are going to get some tonight also.

WTH!  My kids are never going to go back to school.  Not that they have a problem with this at all.  But I am getting tired of cleaning up after them and all their friends everyday.

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Dibs said...

That is definitely some pretty snow. Makes me chilly just looking at it. Are the kids back in school at this point?