Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is a chain reaction

So the ankle is doing well.  Still have it wrapped and believe it or not using vix vapor rub and salt.  Why?  A friend of mine FREAKED when she found out when I told her what happened with my leg.  She said her husband had a coworker whose wife was just taking a walk and sprang her ankle.  She developed a blood clot and died, from a sprang ankle.   So supposedly the vix helps open things up and the salt is supposed to thin the blood.  Go figure.  Don't know if it is helping or not but it makes her feel better.  And since she got MD all worked up, it calms him down also.  Bonus!

It seems now that I should have asked to Doc check out my shoulder also.  That is the body part that is screaming/burning all day today.  But I think I did the initial "hurt" the Monday after Christmas.  At our practice night.  I thought it was just my tendinitis acting up, but it got WAY worse after that night.  Now I am taking Advil (4-6 of them) for the last 2 days.  I never take meds of any kind if I can help it.  But every time I move my arm it hurts.  Guess I will be making an appointment with my chiropractor now.  GREAT.

Yep getting old sure does bite.  And all this snow is not helping with getting around.

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