Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture Updates

So lots of pictures on this post, so if that kind of thing bores you don't continue.  

Christmas was a good one this year.  I had told the kids when they were writing their wish lists that this year there would be no electronics.  After the grumbling they asked why.  Why they have more electronic gizmo's and rarely take care of them.  So the lists had all clothes on them.  EXPENSIVE clothes.  

Even the puppies enjoyed their presents!  Bailey enjoyed hers a bit too much, she bit me when I went to move her and her bone.  She lost her present the rest of the evening.

But the best part of the evening was when MD finally opened up his box with the Hot Tub info in it.  I wanted to put something in there besides a brochure.  So I scoured the mall for Hawaiian swim trunks.  Do you know how hard it is to find swim trunks in December?  Well I do, nearly impossible.  Dick's sporting goods to the rescue.  Then my friend Jodi suggested SPEEDOS!  I was reluctant at first, but then the thought of it grew on me,  by the time I got home with them I loved the idea.

MD however was very confused.

His very next words "that is just not right"

We had to explain to him to look further in the box.  And the look of surprise was .................. priceless.

Felicia was so happy to be with her puppies.  Slept with them every night she was home.

Coming soon New Year's Eve Pictures

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