Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

  Look into this little face.

Adorable right?  Innocent, lovable?

Does tricks for treats, craves attention, graver of everyone else's attention.

Don't let her innocent looks deceive you!

She is a KILLER!

This little trouble maker defends her yard to the death.  By which I mean that stray animals beware.  Over the years the rabbits have learned to not have their nests in our yard.  Bailey will dig up (if she can find them) their nests and KILL all the babies.  Then she leaves the "parts" all over the yard (as if in warning).  Last spring was the first time we did not have baby rabbits in our back yard.

She has now taken her little aggressions out on baby birds.  Poor things that end up out of the nest but not just yet able to fly, finding themselves in our backyard, find that their lives are short lived.  Mike found a dead bird in the landscaping several days ago.  Not sure what was going on (Bailey had never gone after birds before) he flung the carcase over the fence.  Yesterday evening we saw another baby just sitting on the stone wall near the fence, trying to be as still as possible.  Mike asked if I knew what it was.  Told him a baby dove.  He then figured out what was going on and said Baily has decided to be the bird hunter.  This morning Baily was going through the plants and we caught her but not before she found the other baby bird.  I got Baily into the house, Mike went after the bird to see how badly Baily got it.  He never told me if it made it.

Baily's response, just prancing into the house licking her lips to wipe off the feathers stuck to her mussel.

Her nick name use to be rabbit killer, now we just call her Devil Dog Protector of Yards.


christina said...

That is sad (for the poor baby birds) and really funny all at the same time!

Leslie said...

My cat was pretty sure she could take the deer in our backyard...if only we would let her out of the house.