Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Random Thoughts & Pictures

Do you ever wonder what makes you want to read someones thoughts, look at their pictures, and follow their every thought they post on a blog?  I have been surfing though tons of blogs this morning (procrastinating as long as possible) and the blogs lately that get my attention don't say much at all.  They have pictures.  Amazing pictures, pictures of absolutely nothing, pictures of everything.

(I found this little momma in one of our Cherry trees)

I don't mean that what people have to say is not important, just seems this morning I am in a visual mood.  That and Mikayla has had my camera stashed in her room and I guess I have been missing it.

(Mike's new toy.  Wasn't this pretty when he first got it)

Most of the Blogs I came across are moms with young children.  To me, not so interesting hearing about their daily trials of parenting.  Probably as I have enough child issues of my own and really don't have the energy to read someones issues with potty training.  I am sure to them it is a trying time, but with what we are dealing with now in our stage of parenthood that type of discussion is a bit trivial.

But some of the pictures ......  say so much more then their words. 

Pictures seem to capture a moment.  A moment you can never get back.  And gazing through pictures makes a person remember, good or bad.   And remembering sometimes is not a bad thing.

A smile.  It truly is contagious.

Friends are always there to get your back.

And a silly picture is worth its weight in gold.

A silly friend is priceless.

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