Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Felicia came home for a friends wedding this weekend.  It was great having her home and getting to actually see she is doing well.

The wedding was for a sorority sister which meant kids from all over came in town for it.  AND which meant we were hotel D. for the evening.  Mike of course was the cool dad and made them Bloody Mary drinks when he got home for their    "pre-reception party" and showed Felicia how to use the hot tub and fire place for the "after reception party".  He can never say no to her.

It was a stay in night for Mike and I as he is still sporting a nasty head cold.   So after I made dinner (baked cod in a lemon butter sauce and salads) we watched Drive Angry (not a movie I would highly recommend).  Mikayla and her boyfriend were out back in the hot tub (no worries we have security cameras all over the house and could watch them without going out there).  Devin even blessed us with his presence (he was eating non stop so I can only guess what state he was in). 

Then somewhere between 11 and 12 pm Felicia and her herd came home.   I had forgotten how loud drunk people are, especially 21 to 24 year old drunk people (Felicia was DD and started drinking again when she got home).  They headed off to the backyard when they heard Mikayla was back there with her boyfriend.  They wanted to do a "hand check".  

Ah poor Mikayla and Devin don't realize that they had gained more older sisters over the years.  Devin received SEVERAL lectures from Casey.  She chased him down several times to "discuss" his behavior.  She was quit startled to see how tall he had gotten since she last seen him (I believe he is at 6' 1" now).  And from what I gather from Mikayla the girls had gone after her boyfriend also (they don't approve of baggy pants, or drooping pants or how ever it is these boys are wearing them) and were commenting on Mikayla's figure and how she needed to cover up more.   Those girls are definitely more prudish with siblings than I am with my daughters.  Obviously Mikayla and Nathaniel left the back yard and chose to watch a movie in the living room.  Probably a good choice.  

I had to keep reminding them that we had neighbors.  Again WOW young people are loud.  Oh, and did I mention that Felicia's friends seem to be totally comfortable around Mike and I?  So comfortable in fact that they don't hold back with their conversations when we are around.  There are just some things Parents do not need to hear, even IF we know they are doing these things we don't need verbal conformation.

Finally sometime after 2am the ones that lived close (and were sober enough to drive) left and the rest started making their way to bed.  And here it is 8am and I am up already.  Just less than 6 hours sleep.

Humm should I start cleaning up from last night?  Making A LOT of noise, and wake them up?    Guess I would not be cool mom any more if I did that hu?  Guess I will play another round of Domino's on the computer and give them till 10 to get up.  But after that it is all fair game.


Leslie said...

It's always good to have them home...even if loud and drunk, right? Eh.

It's usually good to have them home! :)

christina said...

Ahhh to be young again :) You are nicer than me, I would have totally woken them up :)

Dread Pirate Davi said...

It's not only the young who have volume controls issues in the midst of imbibing. My dad is in his prime, and still very loud. :P