Friday, June 10, 2011


The feeling of floating on a billowy cloud,
The roar of a waterfall to drown out the cicadas,
The feel of a babbling brook massaging my shoulders and back,
Glass of wine in my hand,
My husband sitting next to me...................

Where are we you ask?  Well I have to admit we are not at a secluded island resort.  Just in our back yard paradise enjoying the hot tub for the last 20 minutes.

Now back to reality, bummer.

But for your viewing pleasure .......... Showing off my backyard paradise:

We ( I ) always wanted to close in a room under the Gazabo.  This was our way around the "shed" rules of the subdivision.  It is now the pool storage and winter furniture storage room.  YEA

Still wish we had the money to have bricked a lot more of the back of the house.  There is just way too much siding for my taste.

This rocked area was the last thing we did.  We were having a hard time growing grass here and dirt was splashing up on the door all the time.  It looked nasty.  Not any more.

The sun HAD to be on a wall.  It use to be on the wall under the deck, but the door is there now.  Gotta love Mike he knew I wanted it up so this is where he put it. Perfect spot!

Our newly renovate room under the deck.  Only thing left we want to do is add the mosquito curtains.  Those are so cool.  But pricey hence the reason you don't see them yet.  Maybe a project for next spring.

My only flowers that I will plant every year just outside one of the basement doors.

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