Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cleaning Out

Holiday decorations are down and put away.  The storage room has been cleaned out (mostly).  Going to do a few returns today as I didn't get Mikayla's pant size correct on the jeans she received for Christmas. 

Wanting to start the year "fresh" and "clean" and "rejuvenated" with no negative energies.  So this week is a clean out week.  A start fresh week.  Kind of feels good.

Now only to figure out how "clean up" other people's negative energies and I would be set.  That way their negative vibes don't intrude and taint my happy little world. 

1 comment:

Dibs said...

You sound like one very busy woman!

I love how positive you are and that's why I read your blog. I have to work on that this year.

Happy New Year! Hugs!