Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today Devin has his quarterly appointment with his neurologist. First my question is......Why do doctor offices schedule you for 9am but you don't even get to a little room until 9:45? I mean really like I have nothing else to do....I did have to take off work and my child is missing school.

Anyway Devin is now officially 5'11.5" tall and 126 lbs. The kid weighs less than I do and he is 6 inches taller! Doc had us sit after taking measurements and tested reflexes. He asked questions

Question number one (as always) how have been things going
Devin: Now, okay I guess.
Dr.: What do you mean now? Did you have problems before
Devin: Just school drama.
Dr.: What do you mean drama
Devin: People fighting, acting stupid, other people arguing and such. My school has too much drama going on.
Dr.: Are you fighting
Devin: No, well not at school. (me thinking UGH
Dr: How are your grades? How is your behavior going at school
Devin: Eh grades have been better. Attitude is fine
Me: no his grades are not fine, first quarter they were all As, Bs, and Cs. Now they are Cs, Ds, and Fs. His "attitude" is argumentative to say the least.
Dr: Is he taking his ADHD meds and the Behavior meds
Me: Yes and it is when he started back on ADHD meds his mood and grades plummeted

Dr then asked what time is Devin going to bed, Devin answered midnight to 1. Dr. wanted to then know when he got up. I told him I start attempting on getting him up at 5:30 am and he finally flies out of bed at 6am and runs out the door at 6:19 for the bus. Dr wanted to know what time he got up on the weekends. I said anywhere from 10 to 2pm. Dr seems to think a lot of Devin's "problems" are lack of sleep. Said we need re re-train his sleeping habits. Dr also mentioned that even though Devin thinks he needs the ADHD meds he believes that they are not helping and in fact are another thing adding to his "grumpiness". He now wants to try this sleeping aid. I said that Devin has been on sleeping aids before. They got hi to sleep but never stayed. Dr. said we are trying a new med, this will help him get to sleep and stay asleep. So of course I asked what it was going to be like trying to actually get him up. Dr explained that if Devin got enough sleep it should be no problem (after a while) on getting up on time

UGH more med changes, and in 30 days he wants to possible adjust. Then after we get his sleep patters they way they should be he will ADD ANOTHER medication for his "attention" problem. How many drugs does this kid have to take?

Wondering if I can find herbal alternatives to help Devin so he does not have to take so many meds. Off to the wonderful Internet knowledge search.

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

Fiance uses melatonin to put himself to sleep. Not sure if it's okay to use on kids, though.