Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lessons Have Been Learned

Mikayla has learned a lesson the very hard way today. little back ground..................

I was just about to walk out the door to go to work this morning, and before I could get out the door Mikayla called. Stating I had her homework (which I did, it was her Bucket List project) and she needed it by first hour. So off I went to her school instead of to work. After all she didn't have her homework because of me.

I get to the school not 10 minutes later, call her on her cell and tell her I am out front. She said she was in the principals office and can't come out. I asked her why she was there and did I have to come in. She started crying saying someone hit her and yes I needed to come in.

So I go to Ms. Principles office, I know it well as Ms. Principle is/was Devin's and Felicia's principle also. I peak my head in and she smiles (remember we KNOW each other) and asks what's up? I stated that I was told Mikayla was here. She nodded and smiled asking if she was one of the "hot chocolate girls". Not understanding what that meant I told her I suppose so if that included a girl hitting a girl. She rose from her seat, explained to the person sitting in her office she needed to leave and walked toward me. As we both made our way out of her office we ran right into Devin. We both in stereo told Devin "go back to your class". He laughed and did just that.

Mikalya as you can tell was NOT in her principals office......she was in the BIG PRINCIPLES office. UGH that means you are in some serious trouble. Great. I am asked to sit in some chairs and wait........and wait.........and wait........and wait. Finally after what felt like forever but was actually only about 40 minutes I looked at my phone to check the time. I noticed Mikayla texted me asking me where I was. I replied I was in the chairs and asked where she was. That was when Ms. Principle came out and asked me back.

So apparently Mikayla and this girl have been having words for the past couple of days (according to cell texts and FB comments) and it all came to a head last night. Decisions were made that they were "meeting" up this morning to throw cuffs. Mikayla admitted as much. Then I was told that the girl threw first, Mikayla blocked it. Girl threw again and this time caught Mikayla and royally made her mad. She had her hot chocolate in her right hand (her dominate) and chucked it at her. Or I should say all over her. So Girl gets suspended because she threw first, Mikayla gets Suspended 5 days because she retaliated.

Only upside is that she said Mikayla gets to complete all missing work. So basically she will be home schooled for the next 5 days.

I am hoping that she learned that there are better ways to handle a person who is bullying a friend. But yet I am proud of her for standing up for her friend.

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

Don't tell her I said, but I would have thrown the hot chocolate too. After heating it up some more. ^_^