Monday, December 13, 2010

Today was a rough day for me.  Can't figure out why I am so grumpy about it.  It started before I even got out of bed, which in turn got Devin up late, which made him grumpy, which turns me grumpy.  So I took Devin to school and decided that since I was out anyway I went on into work early.

It was good for a while, but then it went down hill fast.  I work with a person that just crawls under my skin.  I try like crazy to get a long with this person.  Actually its more like avoid this person.  But today I could just scream.

I really dislike people who take advantage of a good thing.  Sit there all day barely doing any work then claiming a full weeks work plus overtime!

And my bosses don't do anything about it.  Yes they have been informed and don't seem to really care or at least they have not made a move to correct the behavior. 

At one time I figured if they were not going to do anything about it then why should I work so hard.  I tried to sit during the day and just read a book, surf the web, text on my cell, and just chat around the office.  I just could not keep it up.  I actually have work that I like getting done and doing a good job.

Luckily I have a few coworkers who know my moods and they take me outside for a smoke break.  Calm me down, make fun of me, and such.  Then we go back and I am better until she starts chatting again.

I need to develop a relaxation technique for work so I can get back into my "happy place" because other than her I really love my job and where I work.

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