Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are You Ready???

Thanksgiving is 4 days away. Are you ready? Have you purchased your turkey and other items for your meal? If not be prepared for some major lines at your local grocery. The one near my house gets crazy around the holidays.

We have not one but two turkeys. One we fry and the other we roast in the oven. I haven't decided if I am going to use a brine or injection yet. Guess I better decide soon. I am usually off work the whole week of Thanksgiving. I need that time to prepare all the food that I make (crazy since there will only be 7 at dinner this year) But this year, thanks to my companies new billing practices and payday ending this week, I need to work Monday and probably Tuesday. So today is a get my house clean and cook like a freak day.

Today I will be attempting to make an Apple Spice Cheesecake and Pumpkin Creme Brulee. If it works I will have pictures later.

Did you catch that I mentioned 7 at dinner this year? With my parents wintering in Florida and my sister doing I don't know what this year, it will be just the 5 if us (Felicia is making it home from Chicago for the holidays!). The additional 2 are some close friends of the family. Jodi (a friend of mine) has both her boys out of state. One is in school in Arizona and the other ............ well currently he in at Camp LaGune (spelling) in North Carolina. But by the time Thanksgiving gets here he will be in Afghanistan. There is no way I am letting that girl spend the holiday by herself. The other is one of Felicia's besties (as she puts it). Rolland still attends Truman but is heading to Chicago to spend time with my girl. Then they are coming here for Thanksgiving. He is from Alaska, it is an expensive and long trip for a short holiday. So he is spending it with us.

Devin's mood is still ......... grumpy, disregarding, and self serving. This makes crazy holidays a bit harder to handle and the stress level in the house in building up. You can feel it. Mikayla does not help any situation either. She adds to it. Picking arguments with Devin, telling us how WE should handle him, and telling us what SHE will and will not do, and demanding things (rides, cell phone and such). Still wondering what we did so well with Felicia and not with these two. Keep your fingers crossed that an emotional bomb doesn't go off.

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