Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just another day


MD is out of town for work in North Carolina. He is there until Thursday. Last night was hard to sleep without him. Then just when I was kicking the REMs the phone rings.

1 AM!! And of course it is for the child that does not even live here anymore. The boy apologized and said this was the last number he had for her, that he was a friend from high school. I said she lives in Chicago now I can't remember her cell number as I was sleeping and he can FaceBook her to get in touch with her, then hung up. It took what felt like forever before I was able to go back to sleep.

The kids have actually, so far, been tolerable. Actually Devin has a GIRL over tonight. So far she seems to be a good influence (on this only time will tell). He has been in a very good mood and playful. Even sat to dinner with me (and the girl), then he cleared dinner dishes.

Mikayla is not talking to me because I took her cell phone for the F's she received on class work last week. Devin has yet to surrender his phone due to his F's but I am not pushing it until the girl leaves.

I hope tonight I can sleep better, I hate it when MD is gone. His snoring has become my white noise. Cannot believe I actually miss it.

Heavy Sigh....................

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

I didn't have a cell phone as a teen, so I wouldn't know what that's like. :P

Sounds like you need a Del Carmen. A few of those will put you to sleep. ^_^