Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shhhh Can You Hear The Silence???

It is Sunday 8:51 pm. And it is seriously quiet around the homestead this evening.

This morning we got Rolland (Felicia's friend from university) packed up and got him on his way back to Truman. After which we got Felicia packed up and on her way back to Chicago. She hitched a ride with a friend of ours son. He is heading to Chi town to see a hockey game and is going to stay with Felicia. So for free room he is giving her a ride home. Saaaweett deal for me, saved me an airline ticket.

We put up all the Christmas decorations and the tree yesterday so that left me with nothing to do today. So I picked up my BF Jodi and shopping we went. We bought MD his Christmas present. In a million years he will never guess what he is getting this year! And he is trying, but I will never crack.

But since he doesn't read this blog I can tell you. I am busting to tell.

It's not white though, it is cobalt blue with dark grey sides. MD has been going on and on for years about getting one. Just something else has always come up and we never got it. Sooo now he is getting it. But I did get a killer deal on it, or at least I think so. I have been looking around for the last 4 months. I am wrapping a picture of it in a box within a box within a box so he will never guess what is under the tree. The hot tub of course will not be delivered and set up until January. Can't have it before Christmas so a picture will have to do until January.

But now I sit here watching It's Complicated (laughing so hard I want to pee my pants) and the house is still so silent (except the movie and laughing). Strange how Felicia will either calm things down or wind them up. But quiet is good. I'll take it over the alternative.

Blessed be and I hope all of you had a "quiet" holiday.

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